Charm, history and research: embodies the incomparable value of Made in Italy, through design and creation of a wide choice of shoes for daily use. An ever more experimental aesthetic direction, prefers innovative constructions and plays on fine leathers to satisfy the demands of a dynamic and sensitive woman who has a metropolitan outlook.

Meticulously well-finished in their details, collections are renovated every season, through a formula that perfectly combines tradition and trends. Raw materials are an essential part of the quality of the product; they come from an in-house selection according to criteria that guarantee the total quality and highlight the avant-gard spirit of all shoes.

The distinctly young and urban style is interpreted in a modern key and acquires a marked sensuality, to give life to shoes that keep intact the appeal of the hand-crafted masters.

The result is a dailywear line with a refined design that seduces ever more a very heterogeneous market in Italy and abroad. The innovative impulse today encourages the label of the Marche region to head towards a daring digital transformation, to give continuity to its philosophy.


The brothers Vincenzo, Silvano and Umberto Tombolini start the profession of shoe-designers and give life to Tombolini snc; a small company that designs, realises and produces shoes.


The business model of the team changes its perspective on the present and the future thanks to Stefano Pantanetti, a manager with a considerable background in the sector, who leads the company to become an srl and strenghtens its reference markets.


The company performs a further transformation because Umberto Tombolini decides to leave the company for pressing personal reasons. Therefore the company redistributes the roles: Silvano, head of the manufacturing line and Vincenzo, manager of the creative design area.


New headquarters of about 3,000 m2 combine the industrial processes with a high quality and technologically advanced manufacturing, characterized by an important hand-crafted production, most of all for the shoe details...


A last e final change for the company, converting from Tombolini srl into srl. The approach to manufacturing is based on two basic principles: constant research innovation in order to guarantee competences and a strong hand-crafted spirit, fundamental value of the manufacturing and unique resource for the company.


The reference markets are distributed all over the Italian regions as well as European and non-European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, the USA, Japan and Turkey.

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