Young and Urban

31 July 2018

The search for narrative contexts and the vibrant multiplicity of micro-styles are the basis of’s legacy: a mix of different elements whose only common factor is a taste for everything distinctly young and urban. Every season, the need to innovate drives us to create collections which reflect the distinctive mark of the dynamic and metropolitan woman. We have freedom of expression and there is a very subtle balance between such states of mind as frivolity, nostalgia and rebellion. Unique designs, iconic models, custom reinterpretations, high-end hides and accessories with a strong rock-chic pedigree: these shoes are designed to be a means to confirm your own identity. This Autumn/Winter 18-19 collection is dedicated to an idea of femininity which is bolder and more irreverent, which throws off the limitations of the ordinary in order to immerse itself in an active and non-conformist lifestyle.

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